Data Collection

It’s sad to say, but one of my favorite parts of my jobs is organizing.  Folders, printed materials, labels, dividers, hole punches, highlighters… It all makes me giddy.  There was an empty filing cabinet in the conference room; It was the HUGE kind where the drawers go lengthwise.  I asked if I could have it […]

A Twist on Twister

Today as I picked up my second grader for my first group of the day, he said to me, “My mind is asleep. And my muscles.” I’d been wanting to use the game “Twister” in therapy for a while – my mom even got it for me for Christmas because she knew I’d put a […]

New Year review: The Kissing Hand

Happy New Year, pirates!  (2 weeks late.)  What a busy couple of weeks it’s been!  On my Facebook page, I posed the question “Who has used or uses a 3-1 model for service delivery?”  Many of  you weighed in and had overwhelmingly positive things to say.  I have the option of using it at my […]