Things I wish I had asked in my interview

I’ve seen many SLP bloggers posting about their impending graduations and job searches.  This prompted me to do a post to try to help them, in some way, learn from my “mistakes” or naivety.  As new SLPs we are all excited for that first CF position.  Then when you hit the ground running in those […]

Cooking Up Simple Sentences with the Speech Bubble

My favorite thing to work on with students is grammar, so when I got the chance to review The Speech Bubble’s “Cooking Up Simple Sentences“, I jumped on it!      This product targets sentence structure in two ways: indentifying complete sentences vs. incomplete sentences and creating simple sentences and expanding them appropriately.  ***I […]

Autism Awareness Month

After reading this blog post from a parent of a child with autism, I felt compelled to do a quick post. I am not personally affected by autism.  Aside from my professional life, I do not live with autism daily.  I do not have any children of my own and when I do have them, […]

Spring Language Craft – Daffodils

Today with my intellectually disabled group I did a spring craft that I saw on Pinterest.  The blog where it originated was in Italian and the post itself was no longer available, so I kind of made it up as I went along.  Thankfully the picture on the pin was very clear! Here’s how I […]