SLPs care for Oklahoma

There are numerous efforts by tons of generous SLPs to help replenish the materials libraries of therapists affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma.  I will be participating by donating 2 products to bundles that will be for sale.  We were also asked to print and laminate our best selling TpT product and send it to […]

Father’s Day craft

Last week we did a Father’s Day craft a little early.  I found it on Pinterest.  It wasn’t originally made to be a Father’s Day project, but I spun it into one!  Take a look! We used sharpies to draw the stem and the eraser end of a pencil to stamp our dandelions.  I originally used […]

Review: Narrative Assessment of Preschool & School Aged Children

I recently had the chance to take a look at the product “Narrative Assessments of Preschool and School Aged Children” by Tatyana from Smart Speech Therapy.  A parent recently consulted with me on her son’s reading abilities so this presentation certainly came in handy! First, Tatyana explains why narrative assessment is so important.  My favorite […]

The wonder of the Dollar Store

Aside from Target, the dollar store is probably my favorite place to shop.  Granted, Target also has a “Dollar Spot” – I sense a theme developing. My mom found me these at (I believe) a Dollar Tree in New York.  Today I graduated a student and couldn’t wait to deliver this certificate!  How cute is […]