Pumpkin craft for ANY goal.

Today with my kindergarteners I targeted their goals in a brand new way for them. We didn’t play a game, we made pumpkins!  I found the original idea here. To start, I cut orange construction paper in long strips.  My stips are about 12 inches long and an inch and a half wide.  I gave each […]

Fall apple craft

This week in therapy we made apple trees.  We used apples to paint/print with and they came out adorable!  This craft was so simple to do! Here’s a look. To prepare,  I cut out a “tree” shape from green construction paper.  I also found some cool corrugated cardboard paper stuff in our art supply room, so […]

Teacher Evaluation and SLPs

I’ve heard much discussion from you (SLPs) about the method that your district/state uses to evaluate your performance.  Some have said they are evaluated much like the teachers are, others said they’re not evaluated yet because the district is unsure how to do so. In my district, all teachers, SLPs, OTs, PTs, specialists, etc. are […]

More Decor

Ask and you shall receive!  I had some questions about the components of my bulletin board that I showed you last week – specifically about my behavior clip chart and my articulation rating scale.  Well, here they are for you to download! Here’s a couple snapshots of what the behavior clip chart looks like.   […]