Memorial Day flags

This week in Speech/OT group, we made flags.  My OT colleague found the idea, but I was unable to find the original pin where she found it.  It looked something like this, though it’s not the exact one. We started with pre-cut pieces of white paper with a blue square glued to the top left corner. […]

Sensory Spring Flowers

Tuesday in Speech/OT group with the intellectual disabilities rooms, we made flowers.  The OT thought of this idea on her own; I didn’t even steal it from a Pinterest idea! 😉 She filled small balloons with rice.  (We figured out that the balloons are easier for little hands to hold when they have more rice and […]

Spring Craft Roundup!

This Spring has been a real doozy for me!  I know I say this every year, but IEPs have kept me SO busy this year that I haven’t had a chance to blog about all the fun my intellectual disabilities rooms have been having! Sorry I’m late, but I hope you’ll be able to use […]