Halloween Craftivities

For the last two weeks I’ve done some cute, simple Halloween crafts with my Preschoolers and Intellectual Disabilities rooms. The first was a fun candy corn activity where we used a rather unconventional paint brush.  I saw this idea first here.  I used cotton balls held by clothes pins; I wrapped a rubber band around the […]

Shaving Cream Leaf Craftivity

The Fall craftivity I did with my groups had to do with leaves.  When I saw this technique I had to try it!  I needed a shallow pan, acrylic paints, a squeegee, and shaving cream.  I had the paints, but got the rest of the supplies at the dollar store.  (Regular shaving cream is not […]

How I make my visuals!

Last Friday my sweet little homebound boy asked me if I remembered to make him “Bob the Builder” things.  He told me he loves Bob the Builder and Handy Manny.  He also happens to work on bilabials so these characters are perfect! Sadly, I had totally forgotten to make him an activity!  So this week […]

Apple Tree Sensory Craft

This week in Preschool and Intellectual Disabilities we made apple trees!  The tools we used added a fun sensory aspect, too!  We worked on vocabulary, sequencing, top/bottom, big/little, parts of a whole, requesting, adjective+noun phrases, and more! Here’s what I started with:   First, we talked about the parts of a tree.   Then each […]