The Frenzied SLPs: Detailed Data Collection

I consider myself a pretty detail-oriented (read: anal retentive/OCD) person.  I learned this method of data collection at my very first clinical practicum.  The facility was a specialized school for students with autism.  My SLP supervisor used this system for data collection because it gave a much clearer picture of how the student did during […]

The Frenzied SLPs

SLPs – have you seen the Coming Soon posts on FB? The ones for The Frenzied SLPs? Go ahead and like the page. I’ll wait. I am so honored to work with a group of SLPs dedicated to making your frenzied SLP life easier. Previously, this group was responsible for the FB frenzies. You know, […]

My Top Board Games of 2014

I decided to link up with Simply Speech to tell you about my (my students’) favorite board games of 2014.  In 2014, thanks to all of you for buying my TpT items, I was able to buy many new games!  My students loved seeing my newly stocked shelves! (Or when I’d tell them I had […]