Back to School Craft

Last week in Preschool the theme was “back to school” and buses.  I combined these two ideas to make one fun craft!  I got the original idea here.  I’m not willing to buy washi tape for work (that stuff is EXPENSIVE and the rolls come with about a foot of tape) so I came up with a new idea.  Since part of the theme was buses, we used buses to make tire tracks on our pencils!

Each student was given a large outline of a pencil, that sort of looked like a coloring page.  I made this myself and you can find a free copy in my TpT store!

pencil (1)

I borrowed some small “matchbox” type buses from the kindergarten teacher, but those tiny, hard plastic wheels didn’t make great tracks.  Instead, I had seen the art teacher use “monster truck” type cars with big, rubbery wheels.  Those worked great for what I wanted!  So, during the lesson I talked about the buses, talked about how we each got to school, etc.  (“Did anyone come to school in a monster truck?!” was a big hit.)

We talked about the top, middle, and bottom areas of our paper.  I bought these awesome ink pads for $5 at Target over the summer.  They’re great!  The pack came with two different pads of 3 colors each.  We used pink to color our erasers.

pencil (2)pencil (3)

For my students working on stopping, words like “stamp”, “school”, and “monster” were great!  For verbs, we targeted “drive” and “write”.  We talked about what buses do and what we use a pencil and an eraser for.


Next we colored the middle of the pencil orange.

pencil (4) pencil (6)

The kids LOVED driving these monster trucks all over their papers!  As each student finished, the teacher quickly cut out the pencils.  The kids also loved pretending to write with their giant paper pencils!  Here’s one of the finished products:

pencil (5)


I also used this craft with my intellectual disabilities class.  We worked on requesting a turn and materials required to complete the task.




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