Father’s Day Card with FREEBIE!

Last week I made Father’s Day cards with all of my students. (Yes, we are still in school! Our last day is June 26th and then it’s back again July 6th for ESY. I work at a 12 month school.)  I did something similar with my students last year, but I put a fun new twist on it. And don’t worry, I’m in a completely different job, building, and state this year, so I’m not duplicating presents for the dads! I had seen this saying somewhere on the internet, but I can’t find the original idea.  Please let me know if you find it so I can give proper credit and link back!

I started with the following materials: Dandy1

white, yellow, green, and orange paint

black construction paper (or any dark color; some kids used green or purple, too)

a plastic fork

bubble wrap

a paper towel tube

a 3.5 inch circle cut from orange paper

and my pre-made words, which you can find here!
The first step is gluing on all of the words. “My daddy is just dandy” goes on the front of the card and “And I’m not lion!” goes on the inside.  I only found out that this works best to do all at once after making it a few times, so my pictures right not match. I also suggest drawing the lion’s face on the orange circle before gluing that in! I made pieces that say, “Love, Johnny” for each child, also.  You can make those also or have your students write their names, if appropriate.

I taped a small pieces of bubble wrap to the paper tube. I happened to buy a rug last week, and it was wrapped around this really thick, sturdy paper tube.  I’m sure a paper towel roll tube will work well, also. We dipped it into some white paint and stamped it on the paper. I found that less is more for this; blot some of the paint off before putting it on the paper. The circles will show up better. Then we used a paint brush to draw a green stem down.


Then we used a paint brush to draw a green stem down.

Dandy6Next was the inside. Glue the orange circle down (again, your circle should have the face pre-drawn!). Then, use a fork to stamp the lion’s mane all around this face. This was great for working on the concept “around” and requesting “more paint” because it takes a lot of back and forth to get it to look good.


I did a rifle of yellow and then a circle of orange. The more the colors overlap, the better it looks!


Here is the finished inside!  Again, I made “love, …” tags for each of my students.Dandy5


They take a rather long time to dry. With some students, I even did this over two days. One day we did the front and the second we did the inside. It’s a quick, easy activity, it’s “punny”, and pretty darn cute!



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