Father’s Day craft

Last week we did a Father’s Day craft a little early.  I found it on Pinterest.  It wasn’t originally made to be a Father’s Day project, but I spun it into one!  Take a look!

We used sharpies to draw the stem and the eraser end of a pencil to stamp our dandelions.  I originally used a circle cut into a paper plate as a stencil.  It worked somewhat in keeping the cirlce shape, but I eventually scrapped that idea.  It also worked when I “drew” a cicle with the white paint and had the students “color” it in with the stamp.

In order to make it in the Father’s Day card, I made this quick heading in Word.  I used a bunch of fun handwriting fonts to make it look cute. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this craft – for those of you still in school like I am… 🙁


***Edited 6/24/15: find the new, improved version of this craft, which includes a freebie, here!

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