Fun therapy finds

Recently I’ve found some fun things for therapy that I just had to share.  The first is a great, recent find from the Dollar Store – every SLP’s favorite place!


They’re sets of adorable erasers.  I was able to find 4 unique sets: dinosaurs, things that you see in the sky, animals, and vehicles.  Each set comes with 16 total erasers with 8 different pictures.  So, you have a pair of images, which make them perfect for barrier type games! The pictures are just so cute.  I couldn’t pass up 16 themed erasers for just $1!  Used them on the table, in and around containers/furniture around the room, and on picture scenes from a Super Duper barrier game sets I already had:

The next set of materials has been HUGELY motivating for so many of my students.


I originally found these finger puppets on GroopDealz.  I’ve also seen them on Very Jane (more recently). The nature of these websites is limited time offers at a big discount on a limited amount of inventory.  So, if you see something you like, get it THEN!  I hesitated on buying some cute farm animal finger puppets months ago and I haven’t seen them since. My set came with 4 puppets: Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristof. (Yes, I had to ask a student what the boy’s name was because I couldn’t remember if it was Kristof or Sven.) I was on the lookout for any Frozen-themed containers that I could use to put the puppets in, on, under, etc.  I also wanted to be able to use one as a carrying case.  The silver and blue chevron zipper case was from the Target Dollar spot.  I also bought these adorable tin banks.  There are three different designs, so that’s great for describing.  The lids (with the slit in it for money) come off easily, so we can easily put the puppets in the banks.  I also love that the lids make a perfect little platform for the puppets to sit on! Some puppets can be on the bank, some hide under, between, next to, etc.  The banks are also big enough for all of the puppets to fit inside at once. Having more than one bank is also great for answering “who” questions: “Who’s in the purple cup?” “Elsa!” (Yes, I call them “cups” with the kids.) If you want your own set of tin banks, find them here:

My little preschool friends have had a blast with them and I’ve seen a huge language burst from one little girl because of them.  I wrote to her mom and told her what we did in therapy.  Mom asked her daughter a “where” question that afternoon about the puppets and her daughter was able to say, “on the table!” This girl was using the phrase “right there” to answer where questions just four days before! Mom told me that it was great to finally have her daughter be able to share a moment from school with her!  I was so happy for both mom and daughter 🙂 (Rather than the old, “How was school?” “Good.”  Blah!) Finger puppets will definitely be my new have-to-buy therapy item! Since they’re small, they’re easy to store and hide. And kids love putting them on and taking them off of their fingers. If you spot a good set of finger puppets, PLEASE let me know!

Frozen-6 Frozen-7 Frozen-9 Frozen-20 Frozen-22 Frozen-18 Frozen-37 Frozen-25



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**Updated 3.7.15 with photos from therapy of the puppets in action!

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