Gardening in Speech

Spring is approaching and I’m itching to get out all of the cute garden-themed stuff I’ve been collecting.

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A couple years ago I found this cute felt “garden” basket in the 90% off bins at Joann’s Fabrics. The next year I found an identical one, plus a larger version. I knew I had to have a big and a small basket, because they would be perfect for targeting size concepts. (The big version had a handle, but I cut it off.)

I used rubber mulch as a sensory bin filler and loved it!  Rubber mulch is clean, easy to find, and looks JUST like dirt! You can find at it your nearest home improvement store, or on Amazon.

Target has these adorable felt gardening sets out now – one flowers and one vegetables. I bought both! I will use the felt pieces in the sensory bins I made as well as in the gardens that came with it. Target also has metal gardening tools with a rake and two shovels. I bought them for my own daughter, but will obviously be stealing them for therapy!

I also bought this adorable toy from Learning Resources (seriously my favorite toy brand!). It comes with three little pots of varying colors, two flowers, two vegetables, a shovel, and a watering can. The vegetables and flowers are interchangeable in the pots, so they’re great for following directions containing colors. I.e. “Put the yellow flower in the blue pot.”

In order to target more goals, I made this printable resource – Growing Better Language. It’s full of preschool concepts: verbs, associations, pronouns, 3-step sequencing, following directions, and more! The following directions portion contains 1- and 2-step directions, as well as concepts of size, color, negation, and quantity.  In case you’re not able to snag the felt garden baskets from a craft store this Spring, I’ve also included “big” and “small” gardens to print as well as blank flowers and veggies to plant in them! Here are some examples:

You can find “Growing Greater Language” here in my TpT store!

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