Gifts for SLP Grads linky party

At this time five years ago I was in the thick of the Praxis, comps, finals, graduation, applying for jobs, moving out of Philadelphia, etc.  It seemed like there was no end in sight and that I’d never make it to where I am right now.  Thank goodness I did!  Even though it seems like forever ago, I think I can suggest some great gifts for the SLP grad in your life – whether it’s from undergrad or grad school!


First and foremost, the most prized possession of any SLP has got to be a laminator.  I use mine weekly, I think!  This is a great one:

Now, if your grad is like I was an already owns a laminator (I bought mine my senior year of undergrad – 2006 – and it’s still going strong!) a great companion for it is pouches!  This is a great buy and they’re awesome quality!  Thicker than the laminating your school with most likely have (so no need to use cardstock).

If your grad is going to be utilizing that laminator, she’s surely going to be eating up the Velcro as well.  And all of this can get expensive.  This is the best deal on Velcro I’ve seen.  And the coins save your scissors and your sanity!

Next are some items from my store that Have greatly helped me be a more efficient SLP:

That first month of school can be incredibly overwhelming. There’s loads of things to learn about the school, colleagues, students, procedures, etc., not to mention the therapy! Then there’s those new kids who need screening or the one the teacher comes to you about on the third day with concerns. This tool will make screenings boatloads easier!



I use this book with the majority of my caseload, from articulation carryover to struggling with simple wh- questions. The interactive component makes it fun and keeps their attention.


The last is my best-selling product and can also be used with a wide variety of ages and abilities for: describing, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, wh- questions, articulation, and more!



Congratulations to the class of 2015 graduates. Don’t worry, you will be working, paying taxes, and grumbling about it in no-time 😉

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