Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month!

It’s finally May! Warm(ish) weather has finally hit NY (even if only for a day here and there) and the school year is winding down. It’s also a great month to be an SLP because it’s Better Hearing and Speech Month! It’s your chance to educate your students, clients, colleagues, and bosses on what exactly an SLP does.  So what can you do?


First of all, ASHA has some great freebies on their website. At my school, we are blowing up one of the posters and hangingit in the hall for all to see. We also set up a table with information about milestones, etc. for parents and staff.


At work, we are collecting money for Smile Train. It’s a wonderful organization that helps fund cleft lip/palate surgeries for underprivileged children with these and other craniofacial anomalies. Those who contribute get their name written in the window of one of these cute, printed trains.


We also decorated with a table with information for parents and posters through the hall. SLPirates1

All of the SLPs in my school ordered the same shirt from The Peachie Speechie. We will wear them every Friday in May. Here’s me in mine! (I’ll post a picture of the group when I get one!)


I have some helpful items in my TpT store for you to give to parents and colleagues so they can become more educated about what SLPs do and how to help their children in the areas we cover.  This one is a fun calendar for parents and teachers to use (one calendar for each!). It has a simple, fun activity for each day this month to complete with their children. There is one calendar for teachers (weekdays only) and one for parents (Sunday through Saturday). The other is a freebie to help teachers understand how we can help their students, our role in schools, and how to avoid vocal abuse.

What are you doing for BHSM???

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