Holiday Ornaments Craftivity

This week with my Preschoolers, ID, and Autism rooms I made ornaments.  We started with a template copied onto different colored construction paper.

ornaments (1)


Each child got to choose which color ornament they’d like to start.  I showed them all of their options for decorations: rectangles, circles, and gingerbread men.  I cut these with my 1 inch hole punch and the Ellison press using the same scrapbook paper I used last year for basic concept Christmas tress.

ornaments (2)ornaments (3)




First, students chose rectangles by describing the paper they wanted.  These were long stripes, so I told the kids they could rip it to make it fit.

ornaments (5) ornaments (8) ornaments (7)


Next we added circles and gingerbread men.  I let each student choose a max of 3 of each item (ie. 3 rectangles, 3 circles, 3 gingerbread men).

This is great for describing and using adjective + noun phrases.  These are some of the finished products:

ornaments (10)

You can find the template that I made here in my TpT store.  It’s a FREEBIE!

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