Memorial Day flags

This week in Speech/OT group, we made flags.  My OT colleague found the idea, but I was unable to find the original pin where she found it.  It looked something like this, though it’s not the exact one.

We started with pre-cut pieces of white paper with a blue square glued to the top left corner.  For some groups, we let the students glue the blue square.  This was great for adjective+noun phrases and following directions (i.e. on top, on the left, in the corner, etc.).

flags (3)



We had some cotton balls, red & white paint, and sponges cut in a rectangle and a star. flags (5) flags (4)

We put a binder clip on the rectangular one to make it easier to grasp.  We stamped one white star onto the blue square.  More opportunities for adjective+noun phrases and concepts of location!

flags (7) flags (8)

Then we stamped 3 rows of red stripes across the paper: great for “top/middle/bottom”!  You could fit more stripes, depending on the size paper you choose.  But, I liked the idea of doing positional concepts.

flags (9)

Then we spread glue onto the white stripes.  This is where we placed the cotton balls.  For student who were capable, we pulled apart the cotton balls to make them cover more ground and look more like stripes; others just placed an intact cotton ball.

flags (10) flags (1)

While we were pulling the cotton, we found a great opportunity to talk about short vs. long.  This was totally unplanned but a happy accident!

flags (11)


The final copies turned out really cute.  It gave use a great opportunity to talk about the parts of our flag.  With some higher language groups, we even compared and contrasted the flags we made to the actual American flag.


Enjoy this craft and your Monday off!

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