Basket of apples craft

Last week, the preschool classrooms’ theme was apples.  I saw this pin from Moments of Mommyhood and I knew I needed to adapt it for therapy.   I started with these materials: red paint, a glue stick, brown construction paper cut into short and long rectangles, and half an apple with a “handle” (plastic utensil jammed in […]

Pirate Sensory Treasure Hunt

Talk Like a Pirate week will be spanning two weeks in my speech room.  In NY, we had/have off on Monday 9/14 and Wednesday 9/23, so that’s two short weeks in a row.  That’s just not enough time for me to get all my pirate in that I want! Since I work with such little […]

Inexpensive end of year gifts

I wanted to come up with a cute, yet inexpensive gift for my students for the end of the year. This year, my caseload is only 20 students (my old job it was 60!) so I felt it was a little more feasible for me to buy something for each child. I decided on glow […]

Father’s Day Card with FREEBIE!

Last week I made Father’s Day cards with all of my students. (Yes, we are still in school! Our last day is June 26th and then it’s back again July 6th for ESY. I work at a 12 month school.)  I did something similar with my students last year, but I put a fun new […]

Ladybug Speech and Language Craft

This week in speech we have made ladybugs! I did this with literally every kid on my caseload (except the one phonological kid who said, “Do I have to? I don’t like art.” Fair enough, buddy.) I started with these materials: black and red construction paper, the body template, and some of my craft punches. […]