Pirate Sensory Treasure Hunt

Talk Like a Pirate week will be spanning two weeks in my speech room.  In NY, we had/have off on Monday 9/14 and Wednesday 9/23, so that’s two short weeks in a row.  That’s just not enough time for me to get all my pirate in that I want!

Since I work with such little ones now, I’ve been wanting to use my plethora of treasure chests as sensory bins.  I scoured Amazon and found tons of great supplies for it!


My family and friends are well aware of my pirate obsession, so I have about 3 of these treasure chests that family members have given me. I used the one below for my sensory bin because it’s the biggest. It’s also got great, sturdy rope handles on either side, which make it easy to transport. (Here’s one from Melissa and Doug that looks nice. You know their quality is always awesome!)


I purchased all of this loot from Amazon and various dollar stores. Yes, some are from St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras; the kids won’t care!


These are the gold coins I purchased. I bought two bags and supplemented with coins of varying sizes and colors from the dollar store (found around certain holidays).


These small jewels are my favorite! It’s a really good size bag for not a lot of money. There are a bunch of different colors and just look really cool all mixed together. I got two bags. They’re sort of jagged shaped and not perfect “diamond” shapes. The diamond shaped ones can be found here. These are awesome, also! I’m so glad I got both kinds.



This package of jewels is AWESOME, but hard to come by. My mom actually found them in the spring (around wedding season) at The Christmas Tree Store. The package of blue ones had actually been opened and was probably missing some, so my mom even got a discount on them!  I think it cost $1! She was also able to find a new package of yellow ones. I love that there are many different sizes.

For the bead necklaces, I ended up cutting most of them. That way, I have straight strands of varying sizes.  All of these sizes and colors are great for targeting basic concepts: long/short, big/little, colors, shapes, etc.

With all of the “treasure” in the chest, it looks like this!

pirate-4 pirate-5

So inviting and fun!

Most of my preschoolers have phonological goals that focus on initial and final consonant deletion.  I made this pack to use in conjunction with my sensory bin. It contains 48 final consonant deletion card plus corresponding minimal pairs as well as 60 initial consonant deletion cards with corresponding minimal pairs.  The majority of target consonants are early developing and simple for my preschoolers to produce.

Today a little friend worked on initial consonants. I buried the cards in the treasure and he went hunting!


I kept the reference sheet up in the lid in case we needed to compare productions.


You can find this product in my TpT store. In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, it will be 25% off all weekend! (Sale ends Sunday Sept 20, 2015.) Find it here.





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