Room Decor 2014

What a short summer – literally!  My summer was a week shorter than usual because we had to add on days to last year because of all the darn SNOW!  Anyway, I’m not ready to be back to work.  (But who ever is???) My decor has always been pirates in black and white prints with hot pink thrown in there. I took it to the max this year! I hit up the Target dollar spot and Joanne Fabrics’s sale and found tons of great containers in my colors.  I decided to use these big crates for all of my books.  I organized them by season. Desktop10

This is the view of my room when you first walk in the door.  I got that poster on the back last year; it was made for me at a special center in my district.  I will hang students’ articulation charts under it from those pirates. (Die-cuts hot glued to clothes pins, which are hot glued to the wall.)


That adorable pirate ship you see on the wall to the right of the picture is an idea I found here originally.  Here’s a front view.


Isn’t it great!?  My very talented co-worker friend helped me make it.  (And by “helped me” I mean did it for me while I watched.)  She used a jigsaw and a cardboard box.  I made the flag with my Cricut! Here is the top of my cabinet with my shelves labeled.  Also, my 2 and 3 hole punches are up here.


I spent a lot of the summer crafting.  I made this tool box into an organizer, which I found here.  My husband spray painted the box pink and I made the labels for the drawers.


I also covered these SLP letters in scrapbook paper. FYI – the “P” was too top heavy to stand on its own, so I had to hot glue all of the letters together in order for them to stand on their own.  I tried filling it with sand, but it turns out its not hollow 🙁  I also wrapped that adorable black and pink fabric around the inside of my desk (table) so that my legs and all the junk under my table aren’t visible from the door.


There is a black board behind my therapy table.  I hang all of my visuals on it so they’re within view of the students and within my reach.  I also made that bunting for above the board.

Desktop6 Desktop7

Here is where my SMARTBoard is.  I made those cute posters with sayings on them to put around it.  You can find them in my TpT store here.


Don’t you love the look of double borders?! I decided to make my own bulletin board after seeing this idea.  Thanks to Teach Speech 365 for help coming up with what word to use.  “Speech” or “Speak” were just too simple for me.


Here is what my door looks like from the inside.  I made that wreath after seeing this idea.  I used chipboard that I had for the letters.  Since the letters make it pretty delicate, I didn’t want it hanging in the hallway.  It would take about 3 minutes for a class to walk by, kids to lean against the door, and the letters to fall off.  So, it’s staying above my door on the inside.  I love the life ring look!


A coworker’s son had a pirate birthday party last year.  She made that ring toss game and gave it to me when she was finished.  (The rings are glow necklaces covered in pink duct tape.)  I used Command velcro strips to adhere it to the back of my door, so it doesn’t keep tipping over like it did last year!

I made a little “welcome” gift for the new part time SLP at my school.  I got an EOS brand chapstick and made this little tag to put on the back.


My last craft project was a modified rules/behavior visual.  I found the original idea here but made a new one for myself to match my colors.  I had it printed at Staples; it’s 11×14.


I hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of my room!  Have a great year, everyone!

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