Sensory Spring Flowers

Tuesday in Speech/OT group with the intellectual disabilities rooms, we made flowers.  The OT thought of this idea on her own; I didn’t even steal it from a Pinterest idea! 😉

She filled small balloons with rice.  (We figured out that the balloons are easier for little hands to hold when they have more rice and less excess balloon.) We used a little gold glitter paint mixed with yellow for the center of the flowers.  It kind of looked like honey mustard sitting in the bowl!  For the petals, we chose purple.

balloon flowers (3)

I printed this flower pot template onto 3 different colored papers: blue, pink, and yellow. The students chose which color paper they wanted to work with.

balloon flowers (5)


We let the students hold the balloons first to get a little sensory exploration time.  Then, we stamped two yellow circles above the flower pots.

balloon flowers (7)

balloon flowers (8)


Then we put purple petals, using the other balloon, all around the yellow centers.

balloon flowers (2)

We used a small squeeze bottle full of green paint to draw green stems.  The bottles make squeezing easier for our fine motor challenged kids and they are great for glue OR paint!  They came from Lakeshore Learning and they’re pretty cheap!

balloon flowers (1)

Here’s some of our finished products!

balloon flowers (4)

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