SLP shake up!

There has been quite a shake up in my little SLP life lately.  In mid-October, my husband’s job said it was moving him to their main location, which is right in our hometown (on Long Island, NY).  The move was to take place in their slow season, which is Jan/Feb.  We had been planning to move back home in the summer 2015 anyway, but the early move date was a welcome bonus!  However, this meant I’d have to quit my job!  I love my current job, my colleagues, the area we live, and the friends we’ve made; we’d just like to pick up both of our families and place them all here with us!  (But, let’s be honest – if everyone is picking up and moving, let’s pick somewhere warm with no snow!)  My husband and I have been friends since high school and our parents’ houses are a mile from each other.  We both have large families with which we’re very close.  The 5-7 hour drive (depending on I-95 traffic at the peak of rush hour) home to LI for every major holiday and most birthdays/events was draining, especially when we only have Friday-Sunday most times to make the trip!

So, I’ve been on the job hunt since October.  That’s why I’ve been a little MIA on the blog scene.  The job market on LI is not great.  Yes, even for SLPs.  Sending resumes and scouring the internet for job postings has taken priority over many other things.  Not to mention the holidays being right smack in the middle of all of this!  However, I’m ecstatic to share that I’ve found a job!  It will be in a preschool and I can’t wait!  Preschool is the population that originally solidified my wanting to become a SLP!

I am to start my new job the day Winter Break is over – January 5th.  That means I need to break down and pack up my current office (which I worked so hard to decorate just a few months ago), move it and all my clothes and shoes (of which there are a LOT!), plus bring all of my Christmas presents for family up to NY at the start of Winter Break.  Two weeks from now.  I have only 10 more days of work left in my current district.  I’ve been looking forward to the day my husband and I could move back up with our families for 2 years now.  But, now that it’s here, it seems crazy!

I’m excited to start this new era in my professional career, this time with my family by my side!  (Literally.  My husband, dog, and I will be living with my mom for the first few months until we can buy a house.  :-O )  Thanks for coming along with me; I’m excited to share all of the new, fun things I will be doing in preschool!

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