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I was given the opportunity to use and review a product from Speechasaurus. You may have seen a few of these posts. They’re a great way to find new sellers, blogs, and products that you may not have come across.

Dino Concepts and Descriptions is a fun bunch of cards with an adorable dinosaur theme!


It covers a bunch of basic concepts, which pretty much ALL of my preschoolers have as a goal or could use it as part of their activity!  Even if concepts aren’t a “goal”, they certainly can’t hurt!

I used this for my friends who ask EVERY day to play “dinosaur game” on my iPad.  It gets old (and I get a little bored!) and I can’t keep targeting the same things on the same app, no mater how motivating it is! So this was a great compromise.

First we did the task receptively:SLPirates1   Then we did it expressively. I labeled one and he filled in the “blank” of my sentence (close technique).SLPirates

Over/under is covered, but I chose to call them “top” and “bottom” for my highly unintelligible friend who is working on final and medial consonants. The word “egg” came in handy, too. It was perfect! Easy phonemes, not so easy phonological processes, and basic concepts all in one!  Then we paired color+nouns to make 2-word phrases.

There are also tons more concepts covered, including: middle, left/right (can do “next to” or “beside” also), whole/half, first/last, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, pair, same/different, bigger/smaller.

This simple activity kept my friends’ interest and targeted so many goals: increasing MLU, basic concepts both receptively and expressively, and phonology/artic goals.

The best part, though? I get to give away a copy to one lucky reader!  If you’d like to win a copy, visit my Facebook page and comment on the pinned post (which highlights this blog post). I will choose one winner randomly on Friday at 9 PM. [Yes, my social life is super exciting! 😉 ]

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