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A couple more quick things today:
Follow me on Twitter (though I’m new at it and not very active…): @SpeechLangPatho

And stop by my Facebook page for updates and giveaways!  Here’s the link.  I will be running a pirate themed giveaway when I reach 25 facebook “likes”!! 

By the way – does anyone know how to add my TpT store button (and other buttons) to my page?  I couldn’t figure out it for the life of me.  Help a newbie out?  Leave a comment or send me an email if it’s too lengthy:


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    Hi and welcome to the world of blogging. I have recently found a number of great SLP blogs, and like you, decided it was worth a try myself.
    I'm glad to hear your focus is language. Sometimes I get more jazzed up about artic (I'm such a nerd when my kids can say their sounds for the first time after struggling) than I do about language, but it's so important.

    I'll be sure to visit to see what's on your mind 🙂


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    Thanks for sharing your blog! I love following all of these blogs. I am struggling to find your facebook page for some reason. I tried your link above and it just brings me to my home page on FB. I've tried searching for you through the search feature and through other SLP pages I follow, but no luck:( Any suggestions?

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    That's Ok! Once you get 75 Likes, you can give yourself a username. I think you will be searchable after that. Can you look at your SLPirates page from YOUR personal acct. and paste the URL. I'll see if that works.

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    I've made a username (even though I don't have 75 likes yet). Now my page's link is

    I will share the address on my personal page and see if I can post it to SRN's facebook page.

    Thanks for all of this support!

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    I think I may have just figured it out! Mind trying again? I unknowingly made my page “invisible” to people in the US (under restrictions) when I thought I was just saying that I was in the US… Ugh, I should have read more carefully!

    I think that will fix it and make it searchable, though!

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