Speech and Language Snowman Craftivity

This week in therapy every student on my caseload will be making a snowman.  I saw the idea to use paper doilies to make a snowman on Pinterest and knew I had to do it!

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Here are the supplies you will need:


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  1. two sizes of paper doilies (I used 4in and 6in)
  2. large blue construction paper (I used 12×18 in)
  3. buttons
  4. googly eyes
  5. craft snow
  6. glue
  7. (optional) “Speech & Language Snowman Craftivity”


This resource contains templates for a snowman and the snowman’s parts (hat, arms, & scarf) as well as snowflake targets for articulation, grammar, and vocabulary.  Have your students glue the snowflakes around the snowman to make it look like it’s snowing – all while practicing their speech/language goals!


(I did this half on the first day.)

-Start by gluing the big doily on the bottom of the paper. Then put the little doily above the big one. ***If you don’t have paper doilies, you could also paint a snowman using plain white paint or a mixture of glue and shaving cream to make a “puffy paint”.

-Add the accessories (scarf, hat, eye, nose, mouth, arms) in whatever order you wish.  I drew the mouth and “carrot” nose with markers. I used googley eyes and real buttons.  These also worked on size and color concepts, as I had varied eyes and buttons available.

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-Glue fake snow on the bottom of the paper.

(The next few step were completed on a second day and require use of “Speech & Language Snowman Craftivity”.)

-Add the appropriate heading (included in the download): speech, language, vocabulary.

-Choose the target snowflakes your student will work on. The resource includes articulation, grammar, and vocabulary:

Twelve (12) words for each of the following phonemes in initial, medial, and final positions: /p, b, m, n, t, d, k, g, f, v, sh, ch, voiceless th, l, s, z, r/. Eight (8) words for each of the following phonemes in initial and medial positions: /dz, voiced th/. Eight (8) words for each of the following language targets: winter vocabulary, verbs, subject pronouns, winter actions, possessive pronouns, and locations. Four (4) words for each of the following categories: food, animals, clothes, toys, tools.
*284 stimulus items total!*

-Determine how many times student will produce the target word/label the vocabulary/formulate a sentence using the grammatical morphemes/etc. Then glue the snowflakes around the paper!

Here’s your finished product!




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