Adverb Arcade & a St. Patrick’s sensory craft

Many people have been requesting activities targeting adverbs.  Well, I made just that!  It, like many of my activities, gives a variety of levels.  Also, the arcade theme is appropriate for a variety of ages. There are 4 posters/anchor charts/visuals that explain: what an adverb is, how an adverb differs from an adjective, examples of […]


My weekend has been VERY Fall-filled.  We went hiking in Shenandoah National Park (sometimes along the Appalachian Trail, accidentally – they really should label the trails and maps better) to see the leaves changing and give Porter some exercise!   Justin adventured to see if he could get to the top of that rock.  Porter was jealous. […]

Social Media

A couple more quick things today:Follow me on Twitter (though I’m new at it and not very active…): @SpeechLangPathoAnd stop by my Facebook page for updates and giveaways!  Here’s the link.  I will be running a pirate themed giveaway when I reach 25 facebook “likes”!!  By the way – does anyone know how to add […]