Watermelon Craftivity

I LOVE potatoes!  Not only are they a delicious starchy food that’s amazing fried, but who knew you could do so many crafts with them!?  Earlier in the spring I used them to make Easter eggs; this week I made watermelons with them!  I originally saw them on this Pinterest pin and knew I had to make them for the last week of school to ring in summer! Here’s what we started with: watermelon (5)

pink paint poured in a suction bowl, black & green paint (a small amount of each put into a cup), a quarter of a potato with an adapted fork stuck in it as a handle, bright green pieces of paper, a pencil.  (FYI – I also found out that a pair of children’s scissors jammed into the potato would make a good handle, too!)

Each student stamped 3 half circles onto their paper.  We worked on requesting necessary tools, color+noun phrases, and color identification.


watermelon (8) watermelon (9) watermelon (6)

We let each student stamp their watermelons first, so the pink paint had a chance to dry. Then, we went around again to each student and used the eraser end of the pencil to make seeds with black paint.

watermelon (1) watermelon (2)

The last step was the hardest, and for most students’ I did this part.  I used a paintbrush to paint a rim of green around the bottom of the watermelon.  For older students or ones with less severe needs, you could talk about how this is making a U shape! Here’s our finished product!  Pretty cute, right?!  I love how it looks on the bright green paper 🙂

watermelon (4)

This could be used during a fruit unit, healthy eating, or pair with eating watermelon on a hot summer day! I hope you enjoy doing this with your students!  Happy summer!  Five more days of school left for me!  Anyone else going longer????

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