Apple Tree Sensory Craft

This week in Preschool and Intellectual Disabilities we made apple trees!  The tools we used added a fun sensory aspect, too!  We worked on vocabulary, sequencing, top/bottom, big/little, parts of a whole, requesting, adjective+noun phrases, and more!

Here’s what I started with:

Apple Trees-1


First, we talked about the parts of a tree.


Apple Trees-3 Apple Trees-2

Then each child glued a pre-cut paper trunk to the bottom of their paper.

Apple Trees-4


The next step was to use a bath loofah dipped in green paint to paint leaves “on top” of the trunk and grass on the “bottom” of the paper.

Apple Trees-5 Apple Trees-7 Apple Trees-8

Apple Trees-10 Apple Trees-11 Apple Trees-12


The next step involved a champagne cork.  Champagne corks have a little bulb on top so they’re easy for little hands to grasp.  So, naturally, I sacrificed for the good of my students and bought some champagne last weekend 😉  The best part of today was when I asked the group what the cork was.  One little boy said, “A Cork!”  I asked him where we find a cork.  He said, “A bottle!  A message in a bottle.  Like a pirate.”  Whoa, dodged a bullet there. 😉  What a sweet, innocent answer.

Apple Trees-14 Apple Trees-15 Apple Trees-16

We added some apples on the ground and some were even falling!

Apple Trees-17


Here are some examples of a finished product:

Apple Trees-26

Apple Trees-18



Next we did a sequencing activity.  I made these visuals and we velcroed the steps onto a mat.  I gave each student a choice of 2 pictures for which we did first, next, last, etc.

Apple Trees-20 Apple Trees-21 Apple Trees-22 Apple Trees-23 Apple Trees-24


And the very last thing we did was work on big and little.  I used both punch-outs (pictured below) and printed cards (not pictured) to target this.

Apple Trees-25

The kids really loved this activity.  I gave the special ed teacher some extension activities to use to target language goals for the rest of the week.  Go here to download all of the visuals I used and more, including: categorizing, a communication board for non-verbal students, sequencing, parts of an apple and tree, things you can and can’t do with an apple, big/little cards, and top/bottom cards, plus a template to print your own tree trunks on brown construction paper.


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