The Frenzied SLPs: Things I love!

I have posted about this before as a guest post for another blog, but I love these so much that they’re worth posting about again!

feb frenzied


Something I love and use SO often is magnet paper.  It’s as simple as using card stock in a printer, but what you’re left with is gorgeous, sturdy magnets!  Perfect for barrier games, use on a chalkboard/whiteboard, and more.  Here’s a link to a cool freebie I found and made into magnets.  It takes a lot of cutting, but you get some hugely motivating Angry Birds manipulatives out of it!


You could print any fun images on this paper.  You can find it here:  


If you’ve already printed some manipulative/images and don’t want to waste paper and ink printing another set, you can just use this fun magnet tape!  Here are some options for that:


I hope you can use this idea to tame your FreNZiEd life, because I truly do LOVE these products!


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